Soul Legacy

Activate your abundance by embodying your soul

How irritating is it to know you're meant for BIG things but:

Your work is rewarding (if demanding), you’ve attracted love into your life and you’re ready now to align with the next level of abundance that life has to offer.

You can feel that the overhanging survival energy that was necessary a very long time ago, no longer needs to be there. You’re ready to release it forever so that you stay in a state of connection, play, receiving and abundance.

Activate your deeper powers of co-creation with the divine to manifest a 3D reality that reflects your true divinity.

It’s YOUR time to learn how to:

Tap into the flow of abundance and make it your natural state of being

Realign your partnership wit to abundance to a new standard

Speak abundance into being and transform your frequency at will

Magnetize your desires from safety, peace & expansion

Access your own higher guidance and truth

Create your highest vision for you life in the NOW and taking the next step

My name is Janelle. I've been a spiritual healer, medium, and soul transformation specialist for 30 years.

I've created legacies and worked with celebrities and CEOs using my unique healing connection to the other side. I'm able to see and clear spiritual blocks very quickly.

Here's what I'm NOT

I'm not a "manifestation coach."

I'm not going to teach you how meditate then claim I changed your life.

I'm not a BS-er

It's not going to be easy but it IS going to change your life- quickly.

I'm not just starting out

I have 30 years of experience working with hundreds of clients.

Here's what I AM

I am an actual healer.

I can heal you using my connection to the other side & my "team" in a very short amount of time (days to weeks).

I am a coach.

Everything you need to create a wildly abundant life (in every sense of the word) is within you and I'll teach you how to tap into it.

I am a medium.

I can connect with the other side and get you answers to questions you need in order to heal.

I have inside information.

I'm surrounded by "my team" who has infinite knowledge of your soul's challenges and blocks.

I've used my special connection to help people in all walks of life from the workaholics of the middle class to high profile athletes & CEOs of well-known brands.

I want to help you manifest miracles right before your eyes!

But don't take my word for it. See for yourself....

Allison's Many Experiences With My Divine Connection

Joel on PTSD, Suicide, and Past Life Regression

Cheryl's Relationship Help

Miracles With Jen & Joel's Businesses

The Soul Legacy Curriculum

Join me 1 per week in group, virtual 1-hour sessions! Every week you'll get:

One guided discussion on a topic I've been called to speak to you about.

Q&A session where you can ask me anything about manifestation, letting go of spiritual blocks, and ANYTHING else about how to make the impossible possible.

Are You Curious?

Here Are Some Previous Session Topics:

  • How to fix deeply rooted issues you don't even know exist within you

  • How to let go of guilt and shame around being fully exspressed

  • What your souls gifts and lessons

  • How you want to give back

  • How to find your true legacy empire building

  • How to get in sync with the universe

  • How to receive the abundance that's already there waiting for you

  • What action steps you need to take or not take

  • How to give your soul care

PLUS, you'll get to guide the discussions and help choose future topics!

Legacy is for you if...

  • You have done work on yourself on an emotional level and you are ready to embrace more understanding.

  • You desire to create a reality so effortlessly abundant, it makes others jealous.

  • You’re frustrated by knowing you have more to do create and contribute.

  • You have hired experts in other areas of life. You are a leader.

  • You understand that powerfully standing in your worth and becoming unshakable can cause a ripple effect so powerful it can ignite your wildest dreams into a reality wild-fire, overnight.

Ready for REAL change?

Join My Upcoming Sessions

Tuesday 1/25/22

Healing Frequencies

Understand the sound frequencies & how they relate to chakras, divine intervention & your daily life

Friday 1/28/22


Ask Janelle anything about manifestation, how to clear spiritual blocks, and making the impossible possible

Tuesday 2/1/22

Overcoming Family drama

How to have peaceful, fulfilling relationships with toxic family members (including spouses)


Legacy Midwife

Spiritual Instigator, Mentalist Comedian

Fondly referred to as the shatterer of Limiting Beliefs, Janelle's ability to see and perceive the Truth, and share it in a way that will make you laugh and Crack your heart open, so that you can experience permanent and lasting change, is truly unique.

Through her work, you will transform your perception of life to birth a new reality overflowing with love and abundance.

With a team of Irreverent Angels on her side, Janelle delivers profound spiritual insights with a splash of BadA@# and a much needed kick.

A renowned soul pathway healer and life transformation specialist, Janelle has done numerous radio shows and speaking engagements over the years.

At 21 Janelle started her first company with a partner that was just the start. That company is a million dollar company. Since then she has had 3 thriving businesses. Since the age of 19 she has been seeing clients from all over the world, including celebrities and high profile CEOs.

Client’s say that Janelle is like having inside information on anything going on in your life and exactly how to fix it quickly. Janelle’s life has been filled with challenges and gifts just like anyone else. She was born aware of her connection to the universe knowing and hearing her own loving guidance never leaving her side. She has been taught by the universe to shift your awareness. Fear piercing truth, messages with a dose of sass. She has 3 wonderful kids and lives in Texas.


What people have to say about working with me

“Janelle has helped me in every area of my life by teaching me how to work with my team. Her spiritual guidance has moved me along as a mother, as a partner and business owner. I can't imagine my life without her.” Michelle

“Janelle's to manifest our goals and dreams into reality is quite possibly the most powerful thing I've ever done and I'm still flying high …” - Cindy

“I have no words for the growth from this group. Janelle helped me connect with my authentic self.” - Jamie

“I was struggling with the relationship and the direction it was going. Janelle is gifted in seeing into the soul and shows you how to get there. She helped me stop blocking what I desired. I got engaged after 10 years of living together. I got the communication I needed in that relationship. You are drawn to her for a reason, trust it.” - Cheryl

“Shout out for this amazing magical Group. Supportive fun and sacred safe space. I am now my own best friend as opposed to my own worst critic. I really am in love with myself and the present. Bonus is the incredible people in the group.” - Jamilia


Brook had 60 k in debt paid off and a pay raise and promotion at work within the first week.

Jennifer had 12k in her mailbox via an unexpected check the day she signed up for the group.

Melissa conceived after 4 years of IVF at 44 years of age, 2 days after her session after stopping all hormone assistance.

Joel who had severe ptsd for years is now gaining clarity and making healthy choices. Years of fears and mental chaos gone

I'm offering you a rare opportunity to join me twice per week in group, 1-hour sessions.

Every week you'll get


Guided Discussion

on a topic I've been called to speak to you about.


Q&A Session

where you can ask me anything about manifestation, letting go of spiritual blocks, and essentially how to make the impossible possible!


MODULE 1: Activating your abundance

Learn how to tap into the flow of the universe and align your personal rhythms to that flow, with no resistance. Uncover how to ask for assistance from your team, unpack your current habits, and reclaim your potent partnership with the universe.

MODULE 2: Abundance is a habit

Create good habits with abundance! Uncover the generational beliefs that have been dictating your current standard, release perfectionism and speak abundance into being as you build new habits from Soul.

MODULE 3: Fortune Frequency

Activate your leadership energy around creating abundance and heal all dormancy. Change the frequency of your cells to match the frequency of fortune, creating a core foundation of prosperity the easy way.


Vocal Frequency Activation

Discover how unconscious frequencies have programmed your life and rewire the frequency of your words, mindset and goals. Learn how to command the frequency of the voice, spoken word and music to reprogram your reality for aligned abundance.


Body- Mind-Voice Matrix

You have a portal of peace, safety and expansion inside of you, that supports your words to magnetize all you desire. Connect with the highest most authentic expression of your soul through your body and release all repelling of opportunities and opulence. Learn how to create clear intentions and dance with the universe in a way that works every time.


The Body - The Portal for Prosperity

Embody your abundance to bring it to the material plane. Connect to the universe through the body, using the breath as a guide. Learn how to shift from mind to body in alignment with abundance, allowing all of your magic to awaken the magic of life. Deep peace and abundance is effortless here, in rhythm with the universe.



per seat in-person group sessions


per hour In-person private session


per hour virtual private session

Soul Legacy Sessions


$865 x 6

monthly payments


Pay upfront and save $190!

Pay In Full Price: $5, 000


The Soul Legacy Curriculum

13 power packed modules that will initiate you into a new abundant way of being. Lifetime digital access provided.

27 x personal abundance activation practices

To bring your energetic initiation into 3D reality consciously every single day until it's your natural way of being. These are practical rewiring tools that help you to change your state, vibration, beliefs, perception, attraction set point and manifestation capacity in each and every moment. Includes meditations, guided audios, theta healings and journal prompts to bring the teachings into YOUR life.

24 LIVE Q & A calls with soul legacy midwife Janelle Hoyland Garza

These calls are a fusion of live q&a coaching and channeling for all participants of this live round. Janelle will channel personalized application strategies if needed to align you to your fastest path of co-creation and answer all your questions about the teaching.

  • BONUS #1- Access to my library of previously recorded sessions!
  • Bonus #2- Access 30 years worth of trainings and videos- $19,850 Value!

You can experience a life more beautiful, abundant, and lucrative than you've EVER IMAGINED!

Can you do it on your own? Maybe. But there's a reason you haven't yet. If you're reading this, it means you were meant to find me and we're supposed to be on this journey together. The first step to changing your is life following the stepping stones the "The Divine" places in your path.

This is one of them!

If you could completely transform your life for

You can either wake up 3 months from now in the same spot you're in today or you can make the choice to change your life right now. It's time to choose!

Remember, I only want the absolute BEST for you! It's time you do the same.